Northstar Sharp's commits to being on time on budget the best in the business

We are a turnkey foundation provider, offering a myriad of technical services such as project management, excavation, shoring, concrete pouring and finishing. These services combine to provide the most efficient and safe construction methods to our clients.

Our Services


Northstar Sharp’s provides foundation solutions including design, supply and installation services across all of Canada with track and truck mounted piling units. With the varying geotechnical conditions that can be encountered, we have the ability to easily adapt to various foundation types. This includes driven piles, helical piles, drilled CIP piles, rock anchoring and direct embedment. Being able to provide comprehensive options beginning with the design though to finished construction ensures projects are done on time and on budget while maintaining our commitment to safety and quality.

Along with our 40-ton picker units, 200 & 100-ton crawler cranes, and our fleet of Junttans, Soilmecs, and Watsons, we also own and operate our Patented EXCA-Drivers. These units are unique because they’re capable of installing both driven and helical piles. We operate both the EXCA-Driver 1200, and the larger EXCA-Driver 1800 that’s capable of driving piles up to 30” and in 60ft lengths. These units are able to navigate difficult terrain with ease and can switch to operating as an excavator in less than 30 minutes.

We can install all driven and/or helical piles with pre-drilling as required, as well as concrete piles. We can provide stamped designs and drawings for a complete Design/Build requirement at any level of a project.
Structural steel design, supply, fabrication, and installation.

Large Diameter

Northstar Sharp’s can install drilled shafts of any shape and size.  We have equipment and tooling to complete shafts  from 300mm – 3000mm in diameter and 50m deep, as well as end bearing piles up to 3600mm.  We also work with industry leaders that can supply additional tools and equipment to go larger and deeper.  With in-house manufacturing we can build and customize to meet any design and drilling conditions.  A large inventory of temporary casing and slurry capabilities, means any difficult soil conditions can be overcome.

Specialty Services

With a large fleet of late model conventional and specialized drilling equipment we can complete a wide variety of jobs.  Specialized, custom equipment can complete many tight access job’s that conventional drill rigs can’t.  Shoring can be completed using conventional drill rigs or sheet piles using vibratory and impact hammers.  CFA Piles can be utilized in challenging soil conditions.  With a highly trained staff of engineers initial engineering or  value engineered designs can reduce costs and construction times in deep shafts.

Small Diameter

Northstar Sharp’s has a fleet of drills that can install micro piles and anchors of any diameter and depth. These drills can convert from micro pile drilling to anchor drilling quickly, thus providing an easy solution to foundation installation. The units are capable of working in all terrain and weather conditions.
· Micro piles are small diameter, deep foundation elements installed in soil or rock typically between 5-12 inches and can extend to depths of over 200 feet. Micropiles are comprised of high strength steel casing, rebar, and grout.
· Earth and rock anchors are typically made up of steel bars that are installed and grouted into a drilled hole. The anchors are then put under tension to test them.

Geo Tech:
Our geotechnical exploration rigs are mounted on low ground pressure tracked carriers enabling us to get to any site and get critical data for the client or our engineers to design the best foundation.

Bridge Construction

Northstar provides access solutions including design, supply and installation services for permanent, temporary and aerial pipeline bridges.  Our team has extensive experience with resource and multi-span public bridges, as well as bridge-sized culverts.  We offer full service from concept through to construction.  Our typical services offered include but are not limited to: site selection, inspection, survey, hydrology, design, permitting, construction and maintenance.

  • Permanent or temporary bridge construction.  Rentals and sales are both available as options.
  • Aerial pipeline bridges.
  • Rig-Mat sales, rentals, and installation.